Qobuz is the ultimate, feature packed hi-res music streaming service for true music fans

Qobuz offers hi-res music streaming in an app which is designed for music fans and artists alike. Whether you are interested in finding new exclusives in the line up or listening to the classics in hi-res, studio quality sound for the first time, Qobuz makes the most of your music system at home, at work or on the go. Offering ultimate sound quality with ultimate convenience, Qobuz boasts the biggest collection of hi-res and hi-fi (CD quality) audio in the world and is compatible with the biggest hi-fi brands in the world alongside Android and iOS devices.

The Qobuz difference extends far beyond streaming quality and the best in class album download store as Qobuz is driven by music fans for an audience where music means everything. Qobuz has been driving this message since 2007 and critics and artists alike have praised the service. Neil Young, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member artist whose early support and enthusiasm for audio quality is a key force of his work, says: “Qobuz sounds great! Qobuz was one of the earliest hi-res streamers and their work is a big step towards making hi-res streaming available to everyone”.

If you would like to try Qobuz and discover the Qobuz difference, email press@starscreamcommunications.co.uk.


A brand new interactive format blending writing and music, exploring the history, the careers and the discographies of individual artists and beyond. Take a break in your day and dive into the story of artists, genres, labels and musical movements.


Digital booklets

Access thousands of digital booklets, available on all of your devices. A truly unique feature on Qobuz which highlights key artwork and information from the artists and labels themselves.



Want to know which artists played on your favourite track, where and when and who produced it? It’s easy on Qobuz, with accurate tagging giving the artists the recognition they deserve and the info you need. Did you know that Kamasi Washington played on Ryan Adams breakthrough album Gold? Opening track New York, New York features his sax performance – simply click on the track to see who else was involved in creating the landmark track.

Qobuz phone

Album previews

Whether you’re seeking new releases or exclusive back catalogue albums, Qobuz has you covered. In November 2019, the service offered its customers the first listen of Peter Gabriel‘s catalog in hi-res, for example.


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