Qobuz supports artists by donating 100% of new streaming subscription revenue

Paris, April 15, 2020 – Qobuz, the French service for streaming and downloading music in Hi Res, is helping artists who are not able to tour or attend festivals during the period of social distancing.

For all new subscribers until the 15th May, 100% of Qobuz revenues generated by the first month of subscription will be redistributed to rights holders. This is a unique opportunity for music lovers to support artists while allowing them to discover a catalog of more than 50 million tracks in CD quality (FLAC 16-Bit) and in Hi Res quality (FLAC 24-Bit).

Support those who make music

Qobuz continues the fight it has waged since its inception in 2007, for fair compensation to artists. “Loving music is also, and above all, loving those who make it” says Denis Thebaud, President and CEO of Qobuz.

A period conducive to musical escape for music lovers

“If we only talk about those who can listen to music, it’s a blessed period, we have the rarest thing, time” says Denis Thebaud. A time that Qobuz wishes to devote to the support of artists while continuing to offer its subscribers the promise of an unrivalled musical experience.

An idea as close as possible to the values of Qobuz

Besides its very extensive music catalogue, Qobuz also stands out for its unique editorial line. Thematic editorial files written by a team of experts, playlists fed each week with passion and conviction by seasoned curators, supply of digital booklets and other metadata on album pages. The Qobuz musical experience is authentic and uncompromising.

About Qobuz

Founded in 2007, Qobuz is a Paris-based high-end online music streaming and downloading service that addresses the needs of curious and discerning music lovers across the globe. Live in eleven European markets and launched in the US in early 2019, Qobuz offers an exceptional range of music genres as well as exclusive editorial content independently curated by a team of experts. Qobuz offers subscription to streaming services with genuine CD quality audio of more than 50-million tracks and over 2 million hi-res tracks up to 24/192 resolution from all genres.

For more information: www.qobuz.com.

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