Qobuz, the platform for streaming and downloading high-quality music, offers music as a way to help our emotions during lockdown

Study shows music helps our emotions, stream with Qobuz to relax this winter

Paris, November 16, 2020 – As we face a second lockdown, with our normal lives put on hold yet again, along with a drastic restriction of social life and the need to work at home, our emotions are put to the test. 

Our sensory environment acts on our emotional state. Music is an important part of this environment and is a proven antidote to negative emotions. According to a study conducted in January 2020 by researchers at the University of California in Berkeley, music evokes at least 13 feelings (emotional states) in all humans. Simply put, each of us has the power to regulate our emotional state through listening to music.

However, we have the tools to face this difficult period. Qobuz, the French platform for streaming and downloading high-quality music, offers advice to face this challenging period with more serenity:

► Tip #1: Mental health
Listening to music is a remarkable gateway for psychic escape. In these trying times where our bodies are constrained, at least our minds can travel (inexpensively) with music! Listening to your favorite song or album and connecting with the music through emotions is a great release of pent up energy.

► Tip # 2: Reinforce the calming power of music
To reinforce music’s calming power, Qobuz advises listening to Jazz or Classical recordings while doing a simple breathing exercise:
1. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, breathe out through your mouth for 5 seconds.
2. Keep this breathing rhythm as regular as possible throughout the song.

Tip # 3: Sensory immersion thanks to High-Resolution Audio
Listening to music in high-resolution enhances the sensory experience. Hi-Res formats offer crystal clear audio that’s as close as possible to the artist’s intent. It allows us to feel the music’s emotions fully.

Tip # 4: Create a decompression ritual at the end of the workday
With the sudden ascent of working remotely, it is difficult to draw a clear line between professional and private life. Rather than switching directly from work to anxiety-provoking news, decompress by listening to 10-20 minutes of music. Creating a habit of listening to music rather than jumping into the next task allows us to manage emotional constraints better.

Tip # 5: Use music and interior design to light up your home listening space
Our home listening environments have an impact on how we feel. Decorating or enhancing your listening space is a wonderful way to soothe and invigorate yourself. Use design concepts, colors and accoutrements to express yourself. Natural light, airflow and comfortable furniture aid in optimal relaxation, restoration and inner peace. 

Relax into one of Qobuz’s many soothing, expertly curated playlists, including Sweetness of Life, Meditation, Hygge, and In Praise of Slowness.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss music and well-being with Qobuz’s wellness consultant Sean Luzi, author of Mobilize your emotional resources and an expert in emotional intelligence and emotional detox for Psychologies.com

About Qobuz
Founded in 2007, a pioneer in high quality sound, Qobuz is the French music streaming and download platform that meets the needs of demanding music lovers and audiophiles. Available in 12 countries around the world, in Europe and the United States, Qobuz offers an exceptional range of exclusive editorial content written by a team of experts. With its catalog of more than 70 million titles, Qobuz also has the richest offer of high-resolution (hi-res) references on the market. For more information: www.qobuz.com.

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