Qobuz unveils Dark Mode for its Hi-Res music streaming and downloading service desktop app

Dark Mode is now available for the Qobuz desktop app on MacOS and Windows.

Paris, 12th March 2021 – Qobuz, the world’s leading Hi-Res music streaming and download service, has announced a Dark Mode feature for its desktop app.

Dark Mode is already available on Qobuz’s Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets, but this marks the first time the mode is available for Qobuz’s desktop app downloaded to a MacOS or Windows computer.

Users can now activate Dark Mode in the Qobuz desktop app’s settings, and can toggle the theme between Dark Mode and Light Mode at any time.

Dark Mode is a popular setting that turns an app or screen from its usual colour profile into a dark version. This helps users when scrolling in low light situations and to alleviate eye strain when looking at screens, especially when using apps before sleeping. Users can also choose it simply for its aesthetics. The latest mobile operating systems now support dark modes, while apps are increasingly offering this feature across all platforms.

Qobuz’s addition of the Dark Mode feature across all its platforms ensures that the company is providing the best possible experience for its users, who can now customise their Qobuz experience even further when listening to music in the best sound quality.

About Qobuz
Founded in Paris in 2007, Qobuz is the world’s leading Hi-Res music streaming and download service and a pioneer in high-quality sound. Available in 12 countries around the world, in Europe and in the United States, Qobuz is designed to meet the needs of music connoisseurs and audiophiles. Offering an exceptional range of exclusive editorial content written by a team of experts, in addition to liner notes and a catalog of more than 70 million titles, Qobuz is the undisputed choice for the most discerning music lovers. For more information: qobuz.com


Click on images below for hi-res images:

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