The voice of a generation: Arlo Parks speaks about her inspirations and influences in an exclusive interview with Qobuz

March 23, 2021 – British songwriter and poet Arlo Parks speaks to Qobuz about her brilliant debut album “Collapsed in Sunbeams”, what she’s been listening to, and how she draws inspiration from music, films, and photography to write her songs. 

Arlo Parks credits listening to vinyl at an early age, which gave her an appreciation for the format and a “sense of music being really special”. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Qobuz – the world’s leading hi-res music streaming and downloading service – Arlo Parks talks about growing up with her father playing Jazz and Soul artists like Otis Redding, Ella Fitzgerald, and Prince. Her mother listened to old French music like Claude François, Marc Lavoine and Serge Lama, who all played a big part in her childhood music repertoire.

“Collapsed in Sunbeams” (released in January 2021 by Transgressive Records) wasn’t recorded in professional music studios – it was recorded in bedrooms, hence the intimate and warm feel. Arlo’s hypnotic voice feels as if she was signing to somebody right beside them. Her passion for poetry and literature shines through in her lyrics, leaving the listener hanging on her every word. At only 20 years old, Arlo Parks is not the flavour of the month – she is likely to be in the limelight for many years to come. A true revelation. 

Listen to “Collapsed in Sunbeams” in Hi-Res 24-bit on Qobuz

Watch the Arlo Parks interview on YouTube/Qobuz:

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